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Hotels to Visit in Hanoi, Vietnam As a Muslim

Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam, and also a popular destination among many tourists. However, since it is the capital city of a non-Muslim country, most Muslim travellers tend to shy away from Hanoi. Muslim travellers can have a safe and fun experience in Hanoi since there are adequate facilities specifically for them. Even though the number of Muslims in Vietnam is a mere 63,000, roughly 0.1% of the country’s population, Vietnam can be credited with having a positive attitude towards creating a friendly tourist environment for Muslims. Even though relatively few, there are good eateries that serve halal food as well as facilities for Muslim prayer in close proximity to famous tourist spots in Hanoi. Additionally, there are Muslim friendly hotels in Hanoi which you will get to discover below.

Located close to the famous Hoan Kiem Lake, is the Muslim friendly hotel, Hanoi Rendezvous. The hotel is located in the old quarter of Hanoi and is a mere 55 minute drive away from Noi Bai International Airport. If need be, you can request for a shuttle by calling the hotel. Each room in the hotel has amazing facilities such as a private bathroom with hot shower, a DVD player and air conditioning units. Other amenities provided include express laundry services, a tour desk, free Wi-Fi and a rich variety of Western and Vietnamese dishes as well as a halal menu for Muslim visitors. As mentioned before, the hotel is near the famous Hoan Kiem Lake, a beautiful lake that is among the key attractions of the area, surrounded by serene gardens and big trees.

You can also stay at silk Queen hotel in Hang Gai, to make the most of your visit. This should be an obvious option if you seek a comfortable stay within the city, infused with modern Vietnamese architecture. Apart from essential facilities such as en suite bathrooms, room furnishing and free Wi-Fi, you can enjoy other amenities provided by the hotel such as a fitness centre, business centre and free to use pool table. Muslim guests at the hotel are provided with halal meals and are allowed to make special requests.

Stay at the Sunway hotel Hanoi is bound to be both halal and classy. This hotel is a great model of how classic French architecture can be infused with modern minimalist designs. This four-star hotel has a vibrant atmosphere around the building and 143 rooms each equipped with amenities such as water heaters and electric deposit boxes, not to mention the money exchange facility, sauna and 24-hour fitness centre located within the hotel complex. Allante is the restaurant’s hotel and is quite famous for the good halal food it serves.

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